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Key ILO Conventions



Forced Labor Convention (1930)
The Convention provides for the end of all forms of forced or compulsory labor. However, exceptions are made for military service, the employment of prisoners according to a certain supervision, as well as the forms of labor required in extraordinary situations such as war, fire and earthquake.


Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention (1948)
It guarantees the right of all workers and employers to form and join their own organizations freely and without prior permission, and introduces guarantees that will enable these organizations to function freely, independent of the interference of official officials.


Convention on the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining (1949)
It brings measures against union discrimination, against interfering with each other's work by organizations of different segments, and for improving the order of collective bargaining.


Equal Pay Convention (1951)
It envisages that men and women should have equal pay and social rights for equal jobs.


Convention on the Prohibition of Forced Labor (1957)
It prohibits the use of any form of forced or compulsory labor as a means of political coercion and education, punishment for expressing political or ideological views, mobilizing the workforce, ensuring work discipline, discrimination and punishing those who participate in the strike.


Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention (1958)
It calls for the prevention of discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, political opinion, national identity and social origin in the regulation of employment, education and working conditions, and to promote equality in the field of opportunity and practice.


Minimum Age Convention (1973)
It aims to eliminate child labor by stipulating that the minimum age at employment cannot be lower than the age at which compulsory basic education is completed.


Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention (1999)
It envisages taking measures to ensure the immediate and effective elimination of the worst forms of child labour. The worst forms of child labor include working in slavery and similar conditions, forced conscription for use in armed conflict, use for prostitution and pornography purposes and illegal work, as well as work that harms the health, safety and morals of children.

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