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sektörel risk analizi

As it is known, employers are obliged to make or have a risk assessment done in the workplace, pursuant to subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Law No. 6331 titled "general liability of the employer". The matters regarding how the said obligation will be fulfilled are specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 29/12/2012 and numbered 28512. However, Articles 6 and 7 of the Law under the headings of "occupational health and safety services" and "supporting occupational health and safety services" come into effect gradually.

In the aforementioned process, our Ministry aimed at workplaces that did not have the obligation to appoint occupational safety specialists and workplace physicians, and especially for small tradesmen and craftsmen, in the past period, in order to guide employers in this regard, to ensure that risk assessments are carried out by employers and to facilitate the process, as an exemplary risk assessment for various sectors. published guidelines. However, two years have passed since the beginning of the said studies, and the assignment of an occupational safety specialist and an occupational physician has entered into force for all workplaces, except for workplaces with less than 50 employees and in the less dangerous class. Therefore, carrying out risk assessment in these workplaces is the responsibility of OHS professionals who know the working environment and conditions in the workplace and are assigned in this regard.


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