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Providing training to employees in the field of occupational health and safety is one of the most important parts of the precautionary process. According to Article 17 of the Law No. 6331, the Employer is obliged to provide occupational health and safety training for the employees. It will be implemented within the framework of the responsibility of providing education, which will cover all academic and administrative staff. This training especially; It will be given before starting work, in case of a change of workplace or job, in case of change of work equipment or in case of new technology application. The trainings will be renewed in accordance with the changing and emerging risks and will be repeated when necessary and at regular intervals.

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general subjects

  • Information on labor legislation

  • Legal rights and responsibilities of employees

  • Workplace cleanliness and order

  • Legal consequences arising from work accident and occupational disease

Health Issues

  • Causes of Occupational Diseases

  • Disease prevention principles and application of prevention techniques

  • Biological and social risk factors

  • First aid

  • Harms and passive effects of tobacco products

Technical issues

  • Chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors

  • Manual lifting and transport

  • Flash, explosion, fire and fire protection

  • Safe use of work equipment

  • Working with vehicles which have monitor

  • Electrical hazards, risks and precautions

  • The causes of work accidents and the application of protection principles and techniques,

  • Safety and health signs

  • Use of personal protective equipment

  • Occupational health and safety general rules and safety culture

  • Evacuation and recovery

Other Topics

It consists of working at height, working in a closed environment, working in environments where there is a risk of radiation, working with welding, working with equipment bearing special risks, possible health risk factors caused by carcinogenic substances and similar issues.

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